Coaching and personal development

  • Individual or collective coaching
  • Stress management and fitness.
  • Coaching of executives, managers and leaders.
  • Learning to be autonomous in the workplace.
Accompaniment in company takeover
Coaching is above all a sales facilitator. It allows a holistic analysis of the transfer process, which emphasizes, from the intention to the realization of the sale.
Executive coaching
Executive coaching allows the manager to have a vision and a management style, to develop his managerial skills and to lift the brakes to reach his objectives.
Team coaching
Team coaching is a delicate activity that must be done by a certified coach because it concerns all members of the group individually but also the team as a whole.
Coaching and skills assessment
The skills assessment is a tool for the employee to take stock of his skills, aptitudes and motivations in order to know the company coaching necessary for his situation.
Coaching in career management
Career coaching was born out of a need for career change. It is about accompanying the employee in his career orientation for the success of his project.

Fashion coaching is used to guide a person to find his or her clothing style.

Its mission is to accompany the coachee during his or her sports career: dietetics, activity…

The artistic coach uses coaching tools to accompany an artist.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) represents a model of communication, learning and change. NLP allows to improve the communication of the individual with others but also to make changes in his behaviours by relying on his faculties. This technique is used by many coaches, for both company and personal coaching.

Organizational coaching seeks to contribute to the improvement of working conditions for greater productivity by creating spaces that promote the development of individuals and the improvement of work life by promoting well-being and performance. Happiness at work is not insignificant but it takes a lot of work to achieve it.

Well-being at work helps to have a better quality of work and more performance and productivity. Organizational coaching helps to have a more responsible and supportive society by promoting the development of employees so that they perform better but also their well-being so that they are more creative and innovative in their projects, like the case of

It’s an asset for resolving communication difficulties and developing team relationships. It can be used for international conferences and events as well, and L’Autre Afrique can tell you more about that.

Feeling useful and important is a necessary feeling to experience fulfilment in one’s work. You must learn to take a step back, become actively involved, value your skills, and adopt a global and well-organized vision.

Leadership coaching works on aspects such as self-knowledge, relationship and emotional skills, vision and creativity. It helps you define your objectives, strategies or priorities in your mission.

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