Enrich your management of the coach’s posture

In order to advance the activities of a company, it may become mandatory to highlight the work of a manager coach. The latter must maintain a captivating role within the organization to avoid unpleasant surprises. Above all, you need to…

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When do we know that the goal of professional coaching has been achieved?

In order to be able to achieve work objectives, it is not enough simply to have acquired knowledge, but also skills and the ability to adapt to various situations. This is why, nowadays, more and more companies do not hesitate…

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Coaching in the company: what are the performance expectations at the end of the day?

Coaching in companies is widely practiced today because of its effectiveness and its positive impact on the life of a company or organization. Coaching in the company has a positive impact at different levels, improving the motivation of each individual…

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Managing your time: the favourite issue of company coaches

Time is an essential and non-renewable resource in the company, it cannot be bought and once lost, it is practically impossible to make up for it. Optimising its use is therefore an essential task to gain in performance and efficiency….

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