Time is an essential and non-renewable resource in the company, it cannot be bought and once lost, it is practically impossible to make up for it. Optimising its use is therefore an essential task to gain in performance and efficiency. The main mission of company coaches is to prevent overflow and burnout of employees by teaching them how to better manage their time.

Saving time: optimizing its management

Learning how to manage your time at work means striking a balance between the professional and personal aspects of your life. Coaching in the company then tries to set priorities in accordance with the needs and objectives of each individual in order to prevent over-investment. The individuals concerned must devote a period of learning and analysis at the beginning to determine a path capable of freeing the mind. This process consists first of all of listing the actions to be carried out which are linked to the tasks to be accomplished and often correspond to the morning schedule. Company coaches rather recommend that this action be performed during the day before, especially for individuals with sleep disorders. By making this list in the evening, it will be easier to free your mind and it can be refined after a good night's sleep.

Prioritize tasks

Time management coaching also teaches methods for prioritizing tasks and priorities. For example, Eisenhower's matrix separates work content into two distinct categories, "Important" and "Not Important", and assigns sub-categories such as "Urgent" and "Not Urgent" in each. The main difficulty remains in distinguishing what is important from what is urgent, and since the classification is subjective, it remains heavily influenced by the personal judgement of each employee. Subjectivity can be overcome, however, by adopting a different understanding of time, which will enable employees to identify and accept that certain aspects of the work cannot be dealt with immediately.

Better time management with a coach

Company coaches offer advice and techniques for all those who wish to strengthen their personal effectiveness while enjoying the various tasks. Indeed, they will learn how to create rest areas to let the mind regain positive energy and enjoy every moment of break. The best mastery of the activity resulting from the efforts made by the employees in synergy with the motivation of the coach, it should nevertheless be noted that practice does not always guarantee total success but it often brings benefits.