Coaching in the company: what are the performance expectations at the end of the day?

Published on : 04 June 20203 min reading time

Coaching in companies is widely practiced today because of its effectiveness and its positive impact on the life of a company or organization. Coaching in the company has a positive impact at different levels, improving the motivation of each individual and the way employees live together. In practice, executives set a performance target when using a company coach.

Objectives of company coaching: optimisation and efficiency gains

The notoriety of company coaching among executives is explained by its relevance, leading to the optimization of results. In particular, coaching is used to accompany the taking on of new functions and new responsibilities. Company managers also use it as an effective tool to manage complicated or even conflictual situations. It is a powerful tool, allowing them to unblock blockages that may hinder the harmony of group life. The most astute ones rely on coaching in the company to intervene at the top in order to improve, for example, a conflictual management situation. The objective of company coaching is also to enable different methods of time management to be worked on with tangible results in mind.

Performance of company coaching

In reality, the company’s coaching objective of performance depends mainly on the type and nature of coaching adopted. Thus, individual coaching is entirely centered on the beneficiary person, with the aim of valorizing his or her potential. It can also be used to provide solutions to a professional problem of a relational nature. The point of intervention concerns, among other things, stress management, conflict management and relational blockages. Team coaching, on the other hand, focuses on interactions and the promotion of collective dynamics within a given structure. Such processes obviously have a positive impact on the life of the company as a whole. Finally, strategic coaching provides a real return on the conquest of a new market and the definition of a company’s strategic orientations.

Advantages of the method

Executives therefore use coaching in companies to intervene in the strategic aspects of their company’s life. Indeed, the technique can be exploited to boost staff efficiency. The idea is simply to invest a good part of the available means and resources on actions that have a lot of leverage such as time management coaching. Moreover, helping to develop good alliances within a relatively complex professional environment is also a company coaching objective.

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