The field of company coaching is a rapidly expanding sector with a turnover of almost 100 million euros, yet this sector has only been known to the general public for a few years. If you are considering building a career in the field, find out all you need to know about the job, including the assignments, training and salary.

What training is required to become a company coach?

Generally speaking, there is no law requiring any individual practicing as a professional coach to have a diploma. However, this last one is essential to carry out the missions of the coach, but also to gain credibility with the future customers. In order to attract a maximum of prospects, but also to fully develop in this activity, it is however recommended to follow a professional training. You have the choice between registering with certain universities that provide basic theoretical training (Paris II, Paris VIII or Paris Nanterre) or applying to grandes écoles (ICN, ENA...). To obtain more complex and practical training, you can also follow additional training with private organisations specialising in the field. If you wish to become a certified coach in order to reassure your future clients, the ideal is to opt for a training establishment delivering a RNCP or Répertoire national de la certification professionnelle (level 1 minimum).

How much does a professional coach receive?

The use of a professional coach can be requested for different objectives, which is why the rate of intervention of this provider varies according to the professional and the clients. Since coaching can be individual, in company or in group, the nature of the sessions also changes according to the client's needs. Factors such as notoriety, the missions to be carried out or the duration of the coaching can greatly influence the amount of the fees, but generally, they are calculated on an hourly basis. A coaching session assigned by a specialized agency can cost between €200 and €450 per hour while a coaching session assigned by an independent coach can vary from €70 to €150 per hour.

What is the gross salary of a coach?

The salary of a professional coach depends on several factors, which is why it is often difficult to give a precise figure. Indeed, a beginner coach will offer more affordable rates (starting at 70 € per hour) to attract new clients while an experienced coach known for his results can raise his hourly rate to more than 150 € per hour. In any case, the average salary of a competent professional coach varies between 100 and 150 € per hour. The amount of your salary as a coach will therefore depend on the number of hours of coaching per month. If you do 10 hours of coaching per week, you can earn a gross salary of up to €4,000 per month. With experience and reputation, you will have no difficulty in increasing your monthly salary considerably.